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On the eve of the SCO Qingdao Summit, under the witness of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, CNNC and Rosatom signed the “Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Unit 7/8 Framework Contract” and “Xu Dabao” in the Great Hall of the People. Nuclear Power Plant Framework Contract and China Demonstration Fast Reactor Equipment Supply and Service Procurement Framework Contract. This is the largest nuclear energy cooperation project between China and Russia so far. The implementation of the project will effectively promote bilateral trade and industrial cooperation, enhance the scientific and technological content and level of practical cooperation between the two countries, and further deepen the integration of bilateral interests.


Zhang Kejian, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Director of the National Atomic Energy Agency, Nur Bekli, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission and Director of the National Energy Administration, and Likhachev, General Manager of Roscosmos attended the signing event and signed the demonstration express on behalf of the government. The inter-governmental cooperation agreement for the nuclear power projects of the reactor, Tianwan 7/8 and Xudabao nuclear power plants, and exchanged the texts of the inter-enterprise framework contracts for the above-mentioned projects.

The total contract value of the above-mentioned package signed exceeds 20 billion yuan, and the total project cost exceeds 100 billion yuan. According to the contract, China and Russia will cooperate in the construction of four VVER-1200 third-generation nuclear power units at the Tianwan and Xudabao sites, and the two parties will cooperate in equipment supply and technical services in the China Demonstration Fast Reactor Project.

In order to expand cooperation, the two prime ministers issued the “Joint Statement on Deepening Civil Nuclear Energy Cooperation” in 2016, confirming that the two sides will deepen cooperation in new nuclear power, fast reactors, nuclear safety, third-country nuclear power, nuclear technology application, etc., so as to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation. win. After more than two years of negotiation, China and Russia have reached an agreement on a total of 7 documents on the inter-governmental and inter-enterprise cooperation agreements for the above three projects, as well as the isotope heat source supply contract, which were signed today in the presence of the two heads of state.

As comprehensive strategic partners, China and Russia have carried out extensive cooperation in the field of peaceful use of nuclear energy. The Tianwan Units 1, 2 and 3 that have been completed are operating stably, and Unit 4 will be completed in 2018. Among them, the 2017 World Association of Nuclear Power Operators (WANO) composite index of Unit 2 was 100 points, ranking first among the world’s VVER nuclear power units.


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