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From the following three aspects, solar power generation is more promising than wind power generation.


First, construction difficulty and cost In fact, for large-scale photovoltaic farms and wind farms, they must go through many processes such as feasibility study, environmental impact assessment, construction application approval, grid connection permit, etc. Therefore, for these large-scale projects, they are actually The construction difficulty is similar. Then there is the construction cost. At present, the average cost of photovoltaic and wind power with the same installed capacity is higher than that of wind power. There are several reasons for this. One is that the single-unit power generation of the fan is large, and the volume and installation are difficult, resulting in relatively high equipment costs and construction costs. This is not the case with photovoltaics, because the photovoltaic system is formed by connecting many photovoltaic modules in series, the construction method is more flexible, and because the cost of the components has been reduced many times, the overall cost is relatively low.


Second, the popularity/universality of the current wind power projects are mostly located in the sea or on the plains and plateaus, so the limitations of construction sites are relatively large. However, because of its flexible installation method, photovoltaic can adapt to more installation sites, such as factory roof (concrete roof and color steel tile roof), villa roof (flat roof and inclined roof), ground, curtain wall, fish pond, greenhouse Greenhouses, etc., so it can form a variety of solar energy utilization methods such as solar energy buildings, complementary fishing and solar energy, and complementary agricultural solar energy, which is very universal.


Third, maintenance difficulty The fan is a wind-driven generator, so it is a rotating part. As long as it is a rotating part, it will inevitably face many mechanical problems such as rotor wear, lubricating oil replacement, and deformation of the rotating shaft. The greater the loss, but we also use wind power to generate electricity, so there is a contradiction here. When the wind is too strong, the fan often needs to be stopped. However, photovoltaic power generation is not the case. The larger the sun, the higher the light intensity, and the longer the light time, the more energy it emits.


To sum up, I think that in the future, solar power generation will have broader prospects than wind power generation. Of course, this is not to deny wind power generation. In the future, we humans must make the best use of every renewable energy source to solve our energy crisis.