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1. The role of 10KV vacuum circuit breaker in the development of smart grid


The 10kV column vacuum circuit breaker has the advantages of high load capacity, large breaking current, and strong arc extinguishing ability. With the corresponding control box, it can realize various protection settings, local signal recording, and remote control. In addition, the vacuum circuit breaker has the function of zero-sequence current protection, which can play a key role in the isolation of ground faults in the low-resistance grounding system of substations, which greatly ensures the safety of power grid operation [1]. With the continuous improvement of the reliability of the power supply of the distribution network in cities, it is inevitable that the line equipment should be developed in the direction of safety, automation and intelligence, which further provides an opportunity for the in-depth and wide application of the vacuum circuit breaker on the column. Pole drop fuse for line side protection and pole load switch for line segment or connection.


In accordance with the requirements of the State Grid Corporation’s Work Plan for the Improvement of Power Supply Reliability of Urban Distribution Networks (State Grid Equipment [2018] No. 1012), Shanghai Electric Power Company fully started the power supply reliability improvement project, conscientiously implemented the superior deployment, and improved its political position. , go all out to make the improvement of power supply reliability as the central work throughout 2020 and include it in the annual key tasks.


According to the overall plan of the Shanghai Electric Power Company, a new target is put forward. By 2021, the annual power supply reliability rate will reach 99.991%; by 2022, the annual power supply reliability rate will reach 99.992%. To this end, each branch strengthens the whole-process management of reliability, conducts analysis and finds weak links, and only by further improving its technological innovation capability and formulating improvement measures, can the goals and tasks be effectively achieved and the level of reliability management and control be improved.


2. Feasibility study on remote system of intelligent on-column vacuum circuit breaker


With the wide application of 10kV on-column vacuum circuit breakers to the protection devices on the line side of the distribution network, whether various protections are effectively put into operation, whether the switches can act in time and effectively isolate faults are important links to ensure the normal operation of the power system. When the control parameters are improperly set, the protection fails to be put into operation normally, or the main body fails, the entire line will lose power [2]. In addition, when the switch protection action of the vacuum circuit breaker on the column is currently activated, it can only be judged by the switch mechanical indication on site. The indication position is often affected by tree branches, terrain environmental factors, light, etc. This inconvenience greatly affects the reliability of power grid power supply.


Therefore, the structural design of the vacuum circuit breaker on the column is optimized, and the intelligent improvement is carried out based on the existing intelligent technology, and finally the remote monitoring and online detection of the line operation status and the online management of the equipment are realized, which is helpful for improving the power supply grid. The security of the power supply and the stability of the system have a positive driving effect. Under the guidance of the development direction of “Intelligent Manufacturing 2025” proposed by my country, the intelligent improvement of the on-column vacuum circuit breaker, and the further realization of its stable and timely remote control is very important for the construction and stable operation of the intelligent power distribution network. of.


By remotely obtaining the working data of the vacuum circuit breaker on the column and realizing remote equipment control and debugging, the efficiency of line fault maintenance and diagnosis can be significantly improved. If line faults are found, the detection of line problem occurrence points is more accurate, which can effectively reduce the failure rate in the line, which is conducive to the realization of the purpose of optimizing the working performance of the line network and the power consumption environment of electricity customers [3].


3. Main components of the remote system of 10kV on-column vacuum circuit breaker


3.1 Main work content


The research work on the remote control system of 10kV on-column vacuum circuit breaker under the intelligent distribution network mainly focuses on the research and determination of the host system, communication system, fault detection system and information acquisition mode of the remote control system.


In the currently used on-column vacuum circuit breaker, the closed control box is used to preset parameters such as various protection functions. The disadvantage is that it is impossible to adjust and troubleshoot in real time. The host system of the core component of the equipment plays the role of increasing the ears and eyes. Only through the host can the data acquisition, information processing, and control signal generation and release work be realized. In the process of smart grid transformation of the vacuum circuit breaker on the column, it is necessary to obtain and collect the data of the line remotely through the advanced information acquisition technology and data processing system, and realize the dynamic management of the power grid through its analysis, and then realize the dynamic management of the power grid. Real-time detection and effective control of line operation status can be realized, while effectively reducing the time cost and human resource expenditure of line maintenance and management, and at the same time effectively improving the rationality of line operation and maintenance.


3.2 Host system


In the host system, the preliminary information collection work is mainly completed by the vacuum circuit breaker on the column. In addition, by extracting the data of the monitoring equipment in the power grid, the data collection in the line can be realized. The analysis system analyzes the data information and extracts data that may be related to the line fault. The host system feeds back the information to the control end of the remote platform, and the staff issues control signals to deal with the fault point. In this control mode, It can effectively improve the efficiency of line fault handling, and for areas with poor geographical conditions and difficult to perform line operation and maintenance on-site work, it can greatly reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the local power grid while improving the stability and safety of the line system. . In addition, in the host system, the actual operation status of the line can be more intuitively displayed through the design of the user interface, and the operator can take intelligent measures to operate and manage the safe operation of the line in the console module of the user interface.


3.3 Communication system


As far as the communication system is concerned, considering the large scale of power supply in my country, and the network conditions in some relatively backward areas cannot meet the requirements of the remote control system for network fluency, the more stable and reliable GPRS communication mode should be used as the remote control system. This is also the primary choice for the communication mode of the remote control system, which can realize the stable and safe data communication of the system under the lower investment cost and maintenance cost, and complete the information collection and transmission function of the host system.


Under certain conditions, the local signal of the vacuum circuit breaker on the column, such as the voltage and current of the user side, the operation status and parameters of the control box protection, and the switching status of the vacuum circuit breaker, can be returned by applying for the State Grid wireless signal transmission confidentiality certification. It completes the centralized display and analysis and processing of signals, which facilitates the remote monitoring of the on-site operating status of the vacuum circuit breaker, and improves the efficiency of load monitoring and fault investigation on the user side.


3.4 Fault Detection System


The on-column vacuum circuit breaker may have a ground fault during the working process. When the fault occurs, the corresponding equipment is required to detect the fault type and the specific location of the fault. For this reason, in the remote on-column vacuum circuit breaker control system, the fault inspection device It is one of the very important components. In the actual working process, the fault inspection device can not only realize the sensitive monitoring and positioning of equipment line faults, but also effectively monitor the dynamic current in the line and grasp the actual line load in real time. , which is convenient for operators to check and deal with potential security threats and unreasonable electricity consumption after obtaining data.




With the rapid development of my country’s economy and society and the improvement of the level of information technology, different types of intelligent equipment have been widely used in society, and the corresponding intelligent distribution network has also developed rapidly. The article makes a feasibility study on the wide application of the remote control system of the vacuum circuit breaker on the column under the intelligent distribution network. It can effectively reduce the time cost of line maintenance and management, greatly improve the rationality of line operation and maintenance, and hope to provide some reference for the sound and rapid development of my country’s electric power industry.