Power Innovation in Canton Fair

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Power Innovation in Canton Fair

The 133rd Canton Fair is scheduled to open on April 15. The offline exhibition will be resumed in an all-round way. It will continue to be held in three phases, and the fourth phase of the exhibition hall will be opened for the first time. The exhibition area will be expanded from 1.18 million square meters in the past to 1.5 million square meters. And optimize the exhibition structure to show the latest level of industrial development.


Optimize the setting of the exhibition area, add new themes, and highlight trade upgrades, industrial progress, and scientific and technological innovation achievements. A further step is to integrate online and offline to accelerate digital transformation. Accelerate online and offline integration and digitalization. Enterprises can digitally complete the participation process from exhibition application, booth arrangement, exhibit organization to on-site exhibition preparation.


The standard of precise investment promotion has become the guarantee of quality, and Zhongyi provided innovative power equipment at this Canton Fair. The Canton Fair will expand forum activities and increase investment promotion functions. Help buyers keep abreast of industry trends, connect with high-quality suppliers, and quickly find needed products; organize a number of “Haobao, Haoni Exploring Canton Fair” activities with different themes, and add on-site factory inspections and booth display links to help buyers realize ” “Zero-distance” participation in the meeting; hold “advertising to benefit new customers” activities to benefit new customers;  “online check-in, offline incentives” and other activities to provide value-added services; Focus on optimizing the page settings and function usage of the official website, including pre-registration, pre-release, pre-matching and other functions, to provide buyers with high-quality services and convenience for online and offline exhibitions.


The details of Zhongyi’s products in the Canton Fair will be displayed on the ZhoyHomepage, including innovative insulators, lightning arresters, fuses, disconnectors, etc. Providing auxiliary function for safer and more efficient electric power.