12KV POLYMER FUSE CUT OUT HRW12-12 100A-200A __yyth

Fuse Cut-out  HRW12-12/100A-200A The Fuse Cut-out HRW12-12/100A-200A is an electrical device designed to protect distribution transformers, overhead lines, and other components of the electrical grid from faults and overloads. It consists of a fuse holder, an insulating base, a fusible element, and associated hardware. The “HRW12-12” designation represents its rated voltage of 12 kilovolts (kV) and its maximum operating current of 12 amperes (A). The “100A-200A” specification indicates the range of current-carrying capacities available for this particular model.

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch


Functionality and Operating Principle:
The primary function of the Fuse Cut-out HRW12-12/100A-200A is to provide reliable electrical protection by interrupting the current flow in the event of a fault or overload. It accomplishes this through the utilization of a fusible element, which is designed to melt and open the circuit when subjected to excessive current. This action ensures the isolation of the faulty section from the rest of the electrical system, preventing further damage or potential hazards.

1. Enhanced Safety:
The Fuse Cut-out HRW12-12/100A-200A improves electrical safety by preventing excessive current from reaching downstream equipment. It significantly reduces the risk of electrical fires, explosions, and equipment damage, thus safeguarding both people and property.

2. Reliable Overcurrent Protection:
This device offers reliable protection against overcurrent conditions. By promptly interrupting the circuit, it prevents the current from surpassing safe operating limits, thereby minimizing the potential for equipment failures and subsequent power outages.

3. Fast Fault Detection and Response:
The Fuse Cut-out HRW12-12/100A-200A operates swiftly to detect faults and respond accordingly. Its quick response time helps minimize downtime, allowing for faster fault identification and subsequent repairs or maintenance activities.

4. Easy Replacement:
In the event of a fault or overload, the fusible element of the cut-out can be easily replaced, restoring the protection without the need for extensive downtime or expensive repairs.

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Fuse   Cut-out    HRW12-24/100A-200Adetail


Raiag yge/k 24-27
Rated Current(A) 100/200
Breaking Cument(kA) 8/10
Imoyise Votage(BL) 150
Power-frequeney WithstandVolatage(KV) 62
Leakage Dlstaneemm 540
Welght(kg) 4.6
Dimenslons(cm) 52.5"34*9.5


Rated Voltage(ky) 24-27
Rated  Current(A) 100/200
Breaiing    Cument(A 8/10
Impulse Voltage(BIL) 150
Power-tequency  Withstand  Volatage(KV 62
Leakage    Dlstance(mm) 630
Welghk(kg 4.6
Dimenslons(cm 52.5-34*9.5


Rated Voltage(kv) 33-36
Rated  Current(A) 100/200
Breaking  Cument(kA) 10/12
Impulse Voltage(BIL) 170
Power-frequency Withstand Volatage(KV) 72
Leakage    Dlstance(mm) 850
Welght(kg) 6.8
Dimenslons(cm 87'45-14



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