SMC Ammeter Case

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch


SMC Ammeter Case

With introducing the foreign SMC, DMC advanced technology, ammeter case was developed incopperate with the 253 project technicians of the China FRP research institute. lt has outstandingperformances, suchas proof-corrosion, absolutely sealed proof-water.Because of its goodinsulation the applied materials, no grounding coil is needed. Also it has the safe protection of thelock and lead-seal.Service life is more than 60 years in the room, above 30 years outside theroom.

There is no hurt on it when we pressed 3 times on every weak places of the outside-shell ofthe pressing checker with the strength 1 N.m.Now we can supply one to six SMC ammeter caseand more than 10 modes. At the same time, it has any other functions such as alone controlling theswitches inside the case and outside. We will constantly develop more nonstandard powercontrolling equipments according the requires of our clients.


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