Mpp-ass user boundary load switch (watchdog)

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch




Flw34-12 / 630-20 column mounted SF6 load switch is a new generation of complete set of column mounted switch products developed by our company according to the national grid primary and secondary integration standard. The switch has compact structure, reasonable layout and complete functions. All indicators meet the technical requirements of national grid primary and secondary integration. It is a complete set of * new products of distribution automation column mounted switch. The load switch adopts SF6 arc extinguishing principle, with built-in high-precision current transformer, zero sequence current transformer and zero sequence voltage sensor The complete set of switches can be applied to the load current and overload current in the breaking and closing system in the medium voltage distribution network, and can automatically isolate the faulty distribution line section.

2、Product features:

l  High purity (above 99.9%) SF6 gas with good insulation and arc extinguishing performance is used inside the body, which has * short arc extinguishing time (1 / 2 cycle) and good insulation recovery characteristics, and insulation performance * *. In addition, the arc extinguishing time of the arc during load current breaking is very short, and the contact consumption of the breaking part is small, so there is no need for warranty and replacement of the breaking part.

l  The switch box is made of 304 stainless steel to meet the corrosion resistance requirements for permanent use

l  The spring energy storage operating mechanism is adopted, the energy storage mechanism is maintained, and the manual, electric fast closing and fast opening operations are adopted. It has fast opening and closing within less than 60ms, and has good compatibility with the protection of backup protection device.

l  Manual locking mechanism is installed to avoid misoperation during maintenance and improve safety factor.

l  Even in case of internal failure, the high pressure relief device will not damage the box due to the sudden rise of gas pressure in the box.

l  The low air pressure locking alarm device is installed to prevent the load switch from breaking the short-circuit current under low air pressure and improve the operation reliability of the switch.


l  Advanced incoming and outgoing porcelain bushing technology can be adopted to effectively prevent corona discharge during switch operation. Organic insulating sleeve can also be provided, which can crack the porcelain bottle caused by external force and lightning and crack caused by porcelain factors.

l  The main circuit contact adopts copper tungsten alloy quincunx shaped contact finger, which has strong breaking capacity, large withstand current and high reliability. When opening, the contact opening distance is large, and there is no leakage current between fractures.

l  Configure CT / RVT protection device: in order to prevent overcurrent and CT open circuit of current measuring device, the overvoltage product of voltage measuring device is equipped with CT / RVT protection module


3、Overall dimension


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4、Main technical parameters



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