SF6 circuit breaker

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch




Lw3g-12 / 630-20 column SF6 circuit breaker is a new generation of complete set of column switch products developed by our company according to the national grid primary and secondary integration standard. The switch has compact structure, reasonable layout and complete functions. All indicators meet the technical requirements of national grid primary and secondary integration; The built-in high-precision current transformer, zero sequence current transformer and zero sequence voltage sensor have the characteristics of wide measurement range, high measurement accuracy, stable reliability and low power loss. The analog quantity is complete, which is convenient to accurately determine various faults of the line. The SF6 circuit breaker on lw3g-12 / 630-20 column cooperates with FTU and has intelligent functions such as measurement, protection, control, signal, telecontrol and networking, on-line monitoring and diagnosis, accurate judgment of grounding point, line loss measurement and fault recording. It is suitable for 10kV overhead distribution lines and user branch lines. It can quickly separate the fault section, make the fault isolated in the user boundary section, and prevent the user fault from affecting the whole distribution line and causing large-area power failure.

2、Product features:

l  This product has the obvious advantages of simple structure, excellent arc extinguishing and insulation performance, low operating power, high rated parameters, long electrical life and long non maintenance cycle.

l  The switch box is made of 304 stainless steel to meet the corrosion resistance requirements for permanent use

l  High pressure relief device is installed, even if there is an internal failure, the box will not be damaged due to the sudden rise of gas pressure in the box.

l  Low pressure locking alarm device (optional) is installed. When the circuit breaker is under low pressure, the low pressure locking alarm device can effectively mechanically lock the operating mechanism and provide an auxiliary contact to the controller at the same time, which greatly improves the reliability of switch operation.

l  It has terminal incoming and outgoing lines and insulated cable incoming and outgoing lines. The incoming and outgoing lines of insulated cables can effectively avoid the phase to phase short circuit fault of incoming and outgoing terminals caused by external factors.

l  Advanced incoming and outgoing porcelain bushing technology can be adopted to effectively prevent corona discharge during switch operation. Organic insulating sleeve can also be provided to completely eliminate porcelain bottle cracking caused by external force and lightning and cracking caused by porcelain factors.

l Configure CT / RVT protection device: in order to prevent overcurrent and CT open circuit of current measuring device, the overvoltage product of voltage measuring device is equipped with CT / RVT protection module

3、Overall dimension


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4、Main technical parameters



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