RN3 Indoor Type High Voltage limit Current Fuse

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch



The fuse flows in high voltage limt in RN3 type one(RN1)
1.Meltiing body adopt slice become section fracture structure more is for make and turn on and give up abiltiy streng then,open and break accelerating, can set up rapidly to bring up the rear insulatingl while openning. AssauIt ability and was improved after opposing the voltage.
2.RN 3 type serial high-voltage Iine the fuse flows.For enabIe them be abIe to cope rate with Fn5 on-Icad switch and work.Have perfected the basic function of pointing out.Should point for to trip in the organiz-ation on-load switch.
3.From nationaI standard d raft GBl5166.The experimental methods of”Iimit flowina type device fuse box”for 1-5-94. can make the capacity of short circuit of breaking 20-1 50MVA.and Rn1 type can only make the capacity of short circuit of breaking 40-80MVA. Rn3 type can cooperated with Fn 5 and opened and broken the ilectric curtent in year. RNl type. can’t triP
4.Workinq temperature of fuse box reduce,rated current of the fuse has been ine reased,See the pattern concretly.


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