RN2 Indoor Type High Voltage limit Current Fuse

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch



The product is used in overload or short-circuit protection for instrument transformer.At the time of holding up by restrain circuit current way to get minimum from carry on instantaneous to turn on and break,it should be within the range of 0.6-1.8A to fuse the electric current in one minute.
◆Technique data:


 Product type RN2-3、6、10 RN215、20 RN2-35
Rated voltage KV 3 6 10 15 20 35
Fuse current A 0.5     0.5
Capacity of largest break of three-phase MVA 500 100 1000 1000
Max break curent KA effective value KA 100 85 50 40 30 17
Overvoltage multiple Do not exceed Do not exceed voltage of 2.5 times of rating
Resistance of the fuse pipe(Ω) 93±7 200±10 315±14
Weight Kg 5.6 12.2 15.6
Fuse weight Kg 0.9 1.6 2.5

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