High Voltage limit Current Fuse For Oil-immersed Transformer Protection

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch



The product can be used in system with AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 10KV, used togethe r with other protection electtic faciIities(such as loading switches). It can protect electtic transformers and other electtic faciIitles against overloading or circuit break. It is mainly used in American style box transformers as backup protection.
◆Type instruction
◆Basic parameters

 Type Rated voltage (KV) Max working voltage (KV) Fuse rated current(KA) Rated current of fuse link(A)
OFG 10 12 125 63,80,100,125
200 160,200

See chart for the fuse of basic parameters
◆Major technical characteristics

1.The fuse link can break any problem current between the minimum break current(2.5-5)In to rated break current 50KA.

2.See chart 3 for the fuse time-current property.The upper section above the minimum break current is broken line.

3.See chart 2 for limn current property.
◆Installation Dimensios
See Chart 1 for the fuse external structure and installation dimensions.
◆Conditions for normal use
When the fuse link is in normal use in transformer oil,the max environmet temperature is less than 100℃



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