High Voltage Limit Current Fuse for Transformer Protection

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch



This product is suitable for indoor ac 50 hz, rated voltage of 3.6 KV, 7.2 KV, 12 KV, 24 KV, 40.5 KV system, with other switch, electrical appliances, such as load switch, vacuum contactor, a power transformer short circuit, overload protection and other electrical equipment components, and high pressure, high and low pressure switch box, ring net box pre-loaded type substation essential accessory products.
◆Type instruction:
◆Basic parameters:

Type Counterpart Rated voltage (KV) Rated current of the fuse (A) Rated current of the fuselink (A)
XIKAI-12 SDLAJ 12 40 3.15、6.3、10、16、20、25、31.5、40
XIKAI-12 SFLAJ 12 100 50、63、71、80、100 、(125)
XIKAI-12 SKLAJ 12 125 125、160、200、250
XIKAI-24   24 200 3.15、6.3、10、16、20、25、31.5、40
50、63、80、100 、125、160、200
XIKAI-40.5   40.5 125 3.15、6.3、10、16、20、25、31.5、40

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