GW8-35, 60, 100kV neutral isolation switch

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch




• This discon necto r consists of post insulator, porcelain insulator and conductive parts. There a re static contact and busbar junction panel on the top of post insulator.and there are metal base, operating crank arm and operating insulator between post insulator and porcelain insulator base.The male contact is mounted on the base.and the CSB

- 5 manual operating mechanism connects with the male contact through the connecting bar.operating insulator and crank arm-It also can match with CJ6 dynamoelectric operating mechanism

• 0『de『 notice

• Type and specification of the outdoor disco nnector

• Working environment(a mbient temperature ,a ltitude,dirtiness level)

• Type of operating mechanism

• Name and quantity of the accessories and tools if required. (deal separated with dis connector)



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