Fused Disconnector

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch



RGW1-24 Outdoor AC Fuse-Switch Combination Breaker is a new product adopts domestic existing mature breaker switch production experience and fuse protection advanced technology to design and manufacture. the Fuse-Switch Combination breaker is composed of disconnect blade, HRC fuse and operation mechanism, there are merits as strong extinguishing arc ability, reliable performance, long lifetime, small volume, no explosive danger and no pollution to environment.
RGW1-24 Outdoor AC Fuse-Switch Combination Breaker is suitable for 24kV power system with voltage and no load.
It accords with the standards of IEC62271-102 & GB/T3804:3.6~40.5kV High voltage switches, IEC60694 & GB/T11022: High voltage switch apparatus and control apparatus.
Techincal data:

N0. Test Item Unit Data
1 Rated voltage kV 24
2 Rated current A 200/400/630
3 Rated frequency Hz 50/60
4 Rated short-time withstand current kA 25
5 Rated short-circuit duration s 3
6 Rated active load breaking current A 200/400/630
7 Rated loop breaking current A 200/400/630
8 Rated cable charging current A 12
9 5% rated active load breaking current A 31.5
10 Rated short-circuit making current kA 63
11 Main loop resistance μΩ ≤100
12 power frequency withstand voltage against the earth, between phases kV rms 50
13 power frequency withstand voltage against the isolating distance kV rms 60
14 Lightning impulse withstand voltage against the earth, between phases (peak) kV 125
15 Lightning impulse withstand voltage against the air gap(peak) kV 145
16 Mechanical life Times 10000
17 Three phase closing asynchronous ms ≤5



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