Polymer Type Surge Arrester 36KV

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The basic principle

Metal Oxide Arrester (MOA) is the most advanced over-voltage protection. The core components using Zinc oxide barrier, compare with traditional silicon carbide arrester, it changed the characteristic of arrester, improve the flow capacity of over-voltage, so that make arrester changed fundamentally.

When the arrester working under nominal voltage, only Microamp current flowing through the arrester. When encountered lightning hit, because of the nonlinear of ZnO barrier, thousands of amps current flow through the arrester at that moment, arrester under conduction status, release over-voltage energy, effectively limits the violations of over-voltage on the transmission and distribution equipment.

Condition of Use

Ambient temperature: -40℃ - 40℃

Altitude: 1000-2000m

AC Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz

Long-term working voltage applied to the arrester does not exceed the continuous operating voltage.

Maximum wind velocity: ≤35m/s

Earthquake class: ≤7°

Polluted areas should state.


Use characteristics

Metal oxide surge arresters use for protection of AC electrical power system, avoid from the atmosphere over-voltage and operating over-voltage damage.


Technical Standards



Technical Parameters

Code No. Rated Voltage MCOV Current impulse Residual Voltage Long impulse withstand
current 2000 us
4/10μs   High current impulse
1/4μs Steep current impulse 8/20μs Lightning current impulse 30/60μs Switching
current impulse
KV(rms) KV(rms) KV(crest) KV(crest) KV(crest)
YH5W-12 36 29.0 117 103 92.4 150 65
YH10W-12 36 29.0 117 103 92.4 250 100

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