Porcelain Surge Arrester 18kv

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch



Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Y10-18

  • Structure: Zinc Oxide Arrester

  • Application: AC/DC System

  • Operation Voltage: High Voltage

  • Material: ZnO

  • Brand: ZHOY

  • Specification: IEC IEEE

  • Type: Distribution

  • Installation: Pole Line

  • Size: Meidum

  • Shape: Round



Better Electrical performance & reliability

Ease of Installation-Light weight & smaller size

Better Operating conditions

Explosion & shatter proof & less mechanical

damage to nearby equipments

Better performance in polluted environment

Vandalism resistant

Free from Moisture ingress

Higher safety

Higher mechanical strength

Insensitive to UV radiation

High resistance to Ozone & Corona

Excellent Tracking resistance
Performance Data

System Voltage

Rated Voltage (kV):0.1-275

Nominal discharge current (kA)

High current capability (4/10us) kA

Energy Class :

Energy absorption Capability kJ/kV

Short Circuit (Pressure relief) kA:40

Standard in accordance with:IEC60099-4
Porcelain housed for outdoor application

For protection of transformer & switchgear.

Highly non-linear MOV.

Explosion Proof - Pressure Relief Design.

High energy handling capacity.

Glazed brown Porcelain Housing.

Corrosion proof Aluminum alloy metal flange.

Suitable for Ambient -400C to +550C.

manufactures effective surge protection device with the modern technology of highly non-linear Zinc

Oxide Varistor blocks and thus diverts natural lightning surge and switching surge to earth and simultaneously clip off

any follow on current. Our station class arresters are designed to provide maximum safety to personnel and sub-station

equipment even at the enormous short circuit duty. Research and Development is an ongoing process at Elektrolites

with the active collaboration of experts in the industry.



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