ZW7 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch



Type ZW7-36 outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a kind of outdoor high-voltage switchgear under three-phase AC 50Hz, 36kv rated voltage and below. It can be used to switch on and off the loading, overloading and short-circuit current.
1. Storage, making and breaking by motor, It can operating by handle.
2. Breaking short-circuit current up to 25kA.
3. Mini motor spring mechanism (about 30W).
4. Installation method: adopt two type installation method.
5. Sealing performance: adopt reliable sealing technical.
6. Incoming & Outgoing method: adopt silicon bushing to make enough insulate distance.
7. Safe operating: there is an equipment to protect explosion.
Techincal data:

No. Item Unit Data
1 Rated voltage KV 36
2 Rated current A  1250,1600,2000
3 Rated short-circuit breaking current KA   20,25,31.5
4 Rated insulation level Power frequency withstand voltage  Dry KV 95
Wet KV 80
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak value) KV  185
5 Rated operating sequence   O-0.3s-CO-180sCO
6 Rated capacitor group breaking current A  400
7 Rated short-circuit breaking current Time 20
8 Rated peak withstand current KA   50,63,80
9 Rated short - time withstand current KA   20,25,31.5
10 Rated Short-circuit Continuing Time S  4
11 Machinery life Time 10000
12 Permissible gross wearing thickness for dynamic/static contacts mm  3

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