ZN63 Side-mounted VCB

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch



ZN63(VS1)-12 side-mounted type vacuum circuit breaker is a kind of indoor high voltage switch device which is used in the AC three-phase power system of frequency 50HZ, rated voltage10-12KV to be the protection and control unit. It is especially suitable to the place requiring frequent operations.
Technical data:

NO item unit Data
1 rated voltage  KV 12
2 rated current  A 630,1250 1600,2500
3 rated short-circuit breaking current KA 20/25 31.5
4 Rated short-circuit closing current (peak) KA 63 80
5 opening times of rated short-circuit breaking current  times 50
6 rated operating sequence    O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
7 rated insulation level 1min power frequency voltage kV 75
 lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) 42
8   rated thermal stability current(virtual value) KA 20/25 80
9  rated dynamic current(peak) KA 60 80
10   secondary circuit power frequency withstand voltage(1min) V 2000
11 rated thermal stability time S 4
12 Single or back-to-back capacitor group opening current A 630/400
13 mechanism life  times 10000



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