SF6 Load Breaker

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch



PLB-12/24 SF6 load break switch is a HV electrical equipment of high reliability and maintenance-free, with rated voltage 12kV/24kV and rated frequency 50Hz, applicable for 10kV distribution line as load regulation & control as well as distribution automation system. There are two types for the product: manual and motor-driven type.
Technical Parameter

Item Unit Data
12kV 24kV
Rated Current A 630 630
Rated Voltage kV 12 24
Rated Insulation Level 1 min Power FrequencyWithstandVoltage Dry) 42/49 50/65
Wet 34 55
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (Peak) 75/85 125/145
Rated Frequency Hz 50 63
Rated Short-circuit Closing Current (Peak) kA 50 63
Rated Short-time Withstand Voltage (4s) 20 25
Rated Peak Withstand Current 50 63
Rated Operating Voltage (Controller) V AC220 AC220
Auxiliary Circuit Rated Voltage DC24 DC24
Mechanical Life times 3000 5000
SF6 Rated Air Pressure (20°C) MPa ≤0.71 ≤0.71
SF6 Rated Annual Leak Rate % ≤0.5
Operation Mode   Spring Operation (Manual/Electric)

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