Pin Insulator

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch


Composite pin insulator is applicable for high-voltage line facilities. The insulator has good water-repellent, anti-aging and anti-leakage properties. And it is also featured by high resistance to bending and high mechanical strength. It is easy for installation and its installation dimensions of top and bottom parts are the same with those of corresponding porcelain pin type so that they are interchangeable.
1. Excellent electric corrosion-proof property.
2. High mechanical intension.
3. Light weight and easy installation.
Techincal data:

Type Rated voltage (KV) Specified  mechanical  load Section  length  (mm) Min Arc  distance  (mm) Leakage distance (mm) Lightning impulse withstand BIL (KV) Power  frequency  withstand  (wet) (KV)
FBQ-12/11 12 11 305 180 550 110 50
FBQ-24/11 24 11 305 215 610 145 65
FBQ-36/12.5 36 12.5 545 405 1650 250 135



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