11kv-27kV High Voltage Fuse Link Fuse Cable Fuse Holder fuse elements

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch



High Voltage Fuse link is normally divided into K type and T type.

Type K fuse link is with 6-8 melting speed, and type T is with 10-13 melting speed. 

11KV-27V type K fuse link (fuse whip) for Dropout Fuse Cutout.
1) Product Description:
This fuse wires apply to the 11KV -27KV DROP OUT FUSE. With removable button, fast fuse.
2) Standard:
According to ANSI/IEEE C37.41, C37.42 standard, IEC-282 standard.

Our products conform to IEC-282 standard and ANSI C 37.41; ANSI C 37.42
3) Technical specification:
Rated Current: 1A-300A
Rated Voltage: 11KV-27KV
Length: 530-600mm (Nearby 23 inch)
Length can be made according to your requirements.


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