ZW32 series 40KV outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

KEY WORDS:High pressure vacuum switch


ZW32 series outdoor high voltage vacuum breaker is used in AC 50Hz , three-phase  power system for closing/breaking load current, overcurrent and short-circuit current. the breaker can equip with reclosing controller to identity break current characteristics and achieve multiple automatic reclosing or fault isolation. Self-provided PT as a power source,it becomes a smart circuit breake able to controlr with signal output of voltage and current.The electronic PT provides power supply and can complete three-stage composite protection of overcurrent delay, inrush current delay, and short-circuit and quick-break.

Main Features

It can be equipped with a spring operating mechanism, which has basic functions such as breaking and closing load current, overload current and short circuit current. It is the basic type of ZW32 series. The circuit breaker and the isolating switch can be combined to form a "combined circuit breaker" (hereinafter referred to as "combined circuit breaker") with a distinct fracture. On the isolating switch, the user can choose to use the silicone rubber insulating sheath, which has the characteristics of rain, snow, sand and anti-pollution and corrosion, and can effectively avoid the freezing and oxidation of the isolating switch.

The circuit breaker can be equipped with a lightning arrester, and the lightning arrester can be installed on any side of the incoming and outgoing lines according to user requirements;
The circuit breaker can be equipped with an inrush current controller, which has the function of escaping flow and over-current breaking; the circuit breaker can be equipped with 2 to 3 measuring or measuring transformers.
The recloser controller can be configured as a recloser type intelligent circuit breaker. The basic type and reclosing controller are suitable for the occasion of easy-to-access power supply. The PT type and coincidence controller are suitable for the occasion of no power supply. The intelligent circuit breaker is suitable for the radiation type power supply and the ring network power supply system to help the system eliminate transient faults and automatically Restore power supply, and also isolate ,faults to achieve distribution network automation.


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